Intro to Backpacking Syllabus

Intro to Backpacking

This weekend I will be hosting an Intro to Backpacking seminar with Hudson Valley Hikers. This is not a backpacking trip, but a short hike with an opportunity for show and tell.  The idea is to let novices see some gear options in the field before they go shopping.  My co-hosts and I will have a wide variety of gear available, ranging from typical “beginner gear” to expert ultralight gear.  Participants will get to try on our packs and takes turns carrying them to our mock campsite, where we’ll set up various tents and talk about our gear. 

Intro To Backpacking Syllabus 2018

  • What is backpacking? (At the Trail-head)
    • Hiking + Camping
    • Types of Backpacking
      • The Party
      • Base Camping
      • Traverse
      • Section Hiking
      • Thru-hiking
      • Homeless (Just kidding)
    • Are you a hiker or a camper?
    • Other activities: photography, fishing, pack-rafting, cooking…
  • The Rules of Three (At the Trail-head)
  • Backpacks (At the Trail-head)
  • Leave No Trace (While Walking)
    • “Pass the donuts left my righteous brother”
    • Plan Ahead
    • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
    • Dispose of Waste Properly
    • Leave What you Find
    • Minimize Fire Impact
    • Respect Wildlife
    • Be Courteous to Others
  • Shelter (At the Campsite)
    • Thermodynamics
      • Conduction
      • Convection
      • Radiation
    • Sunscreen, Chapstick & Bug Repellent
    • Footwear
      • Socks
      • Shoes, Boots & Trail Runners
    • Clothing
      • Base Layer
      • Insulating Layers
      • Shell Layers
      • Vapor Barrier Layers
      • Accessories
    • Sleep Systems
  • Water (At the Campsite)
  • Food (At the Campsite)
  • Other Essentials (At the Campsite – If Time)
    • First Aid
    • Navigation
    • Lighting
    • Knives & Tools
    • Fire Starting
    • Repair Kit
    • Toiletries
rainwear for hiking and backpacking
Demonstrating Equinox Silnylon Backpacking Poncho

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  1. Man, I wish I had this seminar when I was looking for info! Sure to be very helpful!

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