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Tent Platform Anchors

Guyot Campsite Platform
Platform at Guyout Campsite

If you do enough backpacking, you will probably run into tent platforms. These wood platforms are constructed in overused back country sites, where constant use has eroded away the soil. Tent Platforms are OK if you have a self standing tent, but they are pose a problem for tents that need to be staked down. I carry Tent Platform Anchors whenever I expect to use a platform platform.

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Tarptent Stratospire Li – Long Term Review

The Tarptent Stratospire Li is a two-person, trekking pole tent produced by Henrey Shire’s Tarptent. The unique geometry of this tent makes it capable of fending off harsh winds and rain and moderate snow loads. The double wall design and numerous venting options offer excellent breathability. Dyneema fabric makes this tent extremely waterproof. The Stratospire Li is my go-to tent for solo trips when don’t expect campsite space to be an issue or when I may need to share, or if I want the option to linger.

Tarptent Stratospire Li
Tarptent Stratospire Li
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Planning Group Backpacking Trips

An HVH Backpacking Group ready to Go!

Ahead of my upcoming “Intro to Backpacking” event, Katherine asks about planning group backpacking trips:

I have gone on several week-long backpacking trips before, but have not been the one to organize them; what does planning a 3-4 day backpacking trip involve?  I don’t want to be responsible for … weighing people down…  How do you distribute gear that everyone will be using?

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