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Backpacking Stoves

Backpacking Stoves: Snow Peak Isobutene Canister Stove
CampingJay’s standard Cookset

A participant in my upcoming Intro to Backpacking Workshop at Harriman State Park asks about backpacking stoves, “Do you have any suggestions for cooking stoves? I’e gone camping and backpacking a couple of times, but every time I’e taken the easiest non-perishable foods because I don’t know which stove to purchase. Are there some that can be used across most seasons? Which are the best models? Which are the most economical and light weight, yet durable?” Continue reading Backpacking Stoves

MSR Lightning Explore Snow Shoes: Introduction

MSR Lightning Explore Snow Shoes

I recently purchased a pair of MSR Lightning Explore Snow Shoes.  I have been thinking of purchasing snow shoes for several years now.  Until a few weeks ago, I had never gotten further than staring at them on the wall in Campmor.  Each time, I ultimately decide that it wasn’t worth the money for the limited amount of snow we get in New Jersey. This year I finally took the plunge. Let’s take a look at these together. Continue reading MSR Lightning Explore Snow Shoes: Introduction