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Tent Platform Anchors

Guyot Campsite Platform
Platform at Guyout Campsite

If you do enough backpacking, you will probably run into tent platforms. These wood platforms are constructed in overused back country sites, where constant use has eroded away the soil. Tent Platforms are OK if you have a self standing tent, but they are pose a problem for tents that need to be staked down. I carry Tent Platform Anchors whenever I expect to use a platform platform.

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Walk down hill safely with these simple tricks

Looking down hill from the Arden-Sturbridge trail in Harriman State Park

When a lot of people think of hiking, they think of huffing and puffing up hills.  Believe it or not, walking up hill gets naturally easier over time as you get in shape and build up endurance.  On the other hand, there are some skills and tips that are necessary for you to properly learn to walk down hill.

  • Tighten your shoelaces
  • Don’t Side Step
  • Use trekking poles
  • Let go of your dog

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