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Last week I wrote a quick introduction to the MSR Lightning Explore Snow Shoes. I liked most aspects of the snow shoes, but I had problems bindings.  The single strap over my toes was extremely tight and created a pinch point. By the end of a 3 mile hike, two of my toes were actually bleeding.

After writing the introduction, I wrote an email to the MSR Customer Service Department. I asked them if it would be possible to change out the Explore bindings on my snow shoes with the Ascent version.  I was hoping that MSR would allow me to buy the Ascent bindings and install them myself.  The response I got was quick and generous.

Hello Jason,

I am sorry to hear of your experience with your new snowshoes – the Lightning Ascent binding will indeed fit on your Explore frame. If you reply with your shipping address I will have a pair of Ascent bindings sent to you at no charge.

Thank you,

Andrew  | Cascade Designs

 Thank You MSR Customer Service

I want to thank Andrew and the entire staff at MSR & Cascades Design.  This is the type of response that makes MSR a company the outdoor community can rely on.  Their willingness to put end-user experience ahead of the bottom line shows their dedication to providing a superior product.  Thank you MSR!


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