Backpacking Toiletry Kit

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Backpacking Toiletry Kit

Christopher has asked me to suggest a lightweight but functional Backpacking Toiletry Kit.  Christopher will be participating in my upcoming Intro to Backpacking event in Harriman State Park hosted with Hudson Valley Hikers.  All members were required to ask a question ahead of time as a prerequisite to attending. 

Backpacking Toiletry Kit

I don’t carry a specific “toiletry kit” but I do carry several items that would fit in this category. I never carry full size bottles of anything.  Instead, I carry travel size bottles or repack items into small containers.  Here’s what my kit includes:

  • Stored with Food:
    • Travel sized toothpaste
    • Travel sized folding toothbrush
  • Hip Belt Pocket
    • 0.35 ounce dropper bottle of 100% deet
    • 2 ounce bottle of SPF 90 sunscreen
    • Natural Ice Chapstick
    • 2 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Back Mesh Pocket
    • 1 armspan of toilet paper per day in a zip lock bag
  • First Aid Kit
    • 2 x 400 mg Ibuprofen per day
    • 2 x Benadryl per day
    • 2 x Imodium per day
    • 1 x Prylosecl per day (heart burn medication)
    • Small tube of Neosporin (antibiotic ointment)
    • Small tube of Hydrocortisone (topical itch relief)
  • Fire Kit
    • 1 ounce of petroleum jelly


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  1. Nice post CampingJay! Why wouldn’t sunscreen and potentially deet need to be stored with food also? Wouldn’t you consider them smellies?

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