2017 Three Season Backpacking Gear List

When I was learning to backpack, I found it helpful when others posted their gear lists.  It gave me a reference point for the kinds of things I needed, what I was doing right, and what I could be doing better.  That said, there is no “one size fits all” gear list.  There are a number of personal factors that go into making a gear list, such as size, weight, fitness level, and need for comfort.  It also matters where and when you plan to go backpacking.  One must factor in temperature, precipitation, terrain, water availability and natural shelter, among other things.

Updated for 2017!

 A Three Season Backpacking Gear List must fit your style

My backpacking style is fairly minimalist and would be considered Ultralight.  Lately, I have been carrying just about 10 lbs of equipment.  That includes my pack and everything that goes in it. It does not include food, water, or clothing that I wear when I start my hike.    I’m not a fan of complicated meals and I usually stick to simple food that doesn’t need cooking or just needs hot water.  I’m usually never cold, so I don’t need much in the way of insulation, even on the coolest of summer nights.

Where and when do you hike?

I have been working on section hiking the Appalachian Trail.  This gear list is intended for warmer weather in the regions from Pennsylvania through Maine but may not be suited for the white mountains.

My 2014 Summer Backpacking Gear List



Sleep System


  • 2 or 3 1 Liter Nalgene bottles (depending on expected water abundance)
  • Aqua Mira Drops

Cooking/Eating/Food Storage

Clothing – Carried

Clothing – Worn


I usually inventory my backpacking gear every day during a trip.
I usually inventory my backpacking gear every day during a trip.

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