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Intro to Backpacking – Recommended Tents

This last weekend, I hosted an Intro to Backpacking workshop with Hudson Valley Hikers.  The idea of the event was to allow future backpackers to see and feel real gear in the real world.  Each of our hosts brought one or more of their favorite tents. Students were able to watch them set up and then crawl inside to get a feel. They especially liked hanging in the hammock! Continue reading Intro to Backpacking – Recommended Tents

Backpacking Hammock Considerations

Backpacking Hammock
Keeping cozy in a backpacking hammock!

Karja wants to know more about sleeping in a backpacking hammock. She’ll be attending my upcoming Intro to Backpacking event with Hudson Valley Hikers at Harriman State Park. She asks:

Is it a sane and good idea (when trekking through the woods with an abundance of trees) to sleep in a hammock?

Continue reading Backpacking Hammock Considerations