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Massachusetts Appalachian Trail: Dalton to North Adams – A Snowy Slog!

Continuing in the theme of “misunderestimating” snow, we take a look back at March of 2019. We had planned a 23 mile hike from Dalton to North Adams in Massachusetts. Snow maps were sketchy, but from what we could tell there would be no more than 2 inches on the ground. The weather had different plans. Four to eight inches of fresh snow on this relatively unused section of the Appalachian Trail made route finding and forward progress difficult. Imagine trying to spot white blazes when every tree is covered with white snow!

Mt Greylock
Greylock in the Snow
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Sharing Backpacking Gear

The Tarptent Rainshaddow 2 is a 3 person tent that weighs just 2.5 lbs.
3 Person Tarptent Rain Shaddow

This coming weekend I will host  “Intro to Backpacking” at Harriman State Park with “Hudson Valley Hikers.”   I’ve asked everyone who has signed up to email me a question about backpacking as a pre-requisite to attending the workshop. These questions have made for a nice series of posts. Today we will discuss sharing backpacking gear.

Mark Asks, “Is it ever a good idea to split camping gear between or among two or three people? In other words, if I carry a two or three person tent, would it be wise if someone else carried extra clothing, cooking gear, etc.?” Continue reading Sharing Backpacking Gear