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Putnam Pond: A Place to Relax

Travis and Mike discuss our relaxing trip to Putnam Pond. Sometimes, camping is just relaxing in the woods. In this video, Travis and Mike talk about the joys of camping and what it means to get away from it all.  This video is shot at our favorite campsite at Putnam Pond, part of the greater Pharaoh Lakes Wilderness Area. For a full report on our 2014 Pharaoh Lakes Wilderness trip, click here.

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LuminAID Solar Powered Inflatable Lanterns

About six months ago, I noticed these cool new inflatable solar-powered lanterns sold on Gossamer Gear’s website.  They weigh only 3 ounces and when deflated, they fold down to the size of a large smart phone.  According to the information on found on the manufacturer’s website ( they take just 6-7 hours to charge and will shine for up to 16 hours. I was pretty impressed, so I ordered four of them.

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Start Camping Right

The goal of this blog is to help introduce people to the joy of camping. So far, I have been covering a lot of advanced topics, like gear care and navigation; and perhaps I have been neglecting the basics, like how to start camping right.  Recently, a friend of mine expressed interest in getting started. Here’s her question:

Hey Jason! How are you? This is a GREAT PAGE!!! Where is there a nice spot to go camping that’s close [to home]? What would I have to do to camp there? I’ve NEVER been camping before and would like to try it this Summer!!! 🙂

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Help Warrior Hike Support Our Vets!

warrior hikeLast summer I spent a week hiking along the Appalachian Trail through my home state of New Jersey with three of my sisters.  As could be expected, we met many interesting people along our hike. Our encounters ranged from pot-heads to rugged adventures, and even included a couple convinced they were playing out a real life version of The Hunger Games. Perhaps the most intriguing of all were a group of veterans hiking the trail as part of a program called Warrior Hike.

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