Winter backpacking gear list 2020

Have you considered your winter backpacking gear? With the pandemic going on and limited indoor options for entertainment, hundreds of thousands of Americans have taken to the outdoors. Now that winter is coming, are all the new comers going to head indoors, or continue to explore nature? I hope they pick the latter, so I’ve written this post to help them start putting together a complete winter backpacking gear list.

Winter Backpacking

A Winter Backpacking Gear List must fit your style

Your winter backpacking gear list is going to highly depend on where you plan to explore and how long you plan to spend outdoors. My gear list is designed for the North Eastern United States, where we can feet of snow one day and inches of rain the next day. Around here, heading outdoors in the winter means being prepared for anything. My gear list is designed for dealing with cold, damp conditions during one or two night trips into the backcountry.

winter backpacking gear
Winter backpacking in the Northeast usually means a serious chance of getting wet.

My Gear 2020 Winter Backpacking Gear List


winter backpacking gear
HMG Porter 4400 and 5400 backpacks.


winter backpacking gear
Black Diamond First Light Tent

Sleep System


Cooking/Eating/Food Storage

winter backpacking gear
GSI Halulite Kettle + Kovea Spider Stove

Clothing – Carried

winter backpacking
Argonauts Ready for Winter Backpacking

Clothing – Worn

winter backpacking gear
Baffin Borealis Boots

Clothing – Just for Camp

winter backpacking gear


winter backpacking gear
Ontario Knife Company RAT 7