2020 Three Season Backpacking Gear List

three season backpacking gear list

This post reviews my three season backpacking gear list. When I was learning to backpack, I found it helpful when others posted their gear lists.  It gave me a reference point for the kinds of things I needed, what I was doing right, and what I could be doing better.  I think the most useful kit to start putting together is one that will get you through Spring, Summer, and Fall. After that you can put together specialty kits for Winter and Summer.

 A Three Season Backpacking Gear List must fit your style

A few years ago, my backpacking style was fairly minimalist but I would no longer be considered Ultralight.  Lately, I have been carrying just about 12-14 lbs of equipment.  That includes my pack and everything that goes in it. It does not include food, water, or clothing that I wear when I start my hike.    I’m not a fan of complicated meals and I usually stick to simple dehydrated meals for breakfast and dinner and salami and protein bars for the trail.

three season gear list
Most of my three season gear laid out on display.

2020 Updates:

  • This year I started using the HMG Winderider 3400 as my “Go To” backpack. This is a big change for me after primarily using Gossamer Gear packs. Why the change? Well, my old packs were getting worn out. Gossamer Gear no longer makes their packs in the USA, but HMG does.
  • I now use a rain kilt instead of rain pants. The kilt is a lot more comfortable and more breathable.
  • After a sad incident losing my food to a crafty bear, I’ve purchased an Ursack Ursa Major bear bag. This bag is bear proof and doesn’t need to be hoisted up into a tree at night.
  • My go-to headlamp is now a Petzel Bindi. It is the lightest headlamp I can find that is bright enough to night hike with.
  • For a few years I’ve been carrying a Garmin InReach Explorer. It is a satellite messenger with SOS and GPS mapping capability. My mother purchased this for me when I was taking a group of scouts to the Adirondacks.
  • Therm-A-Rest introduced a new inflatable pad called the “Uber Light.” The full size version of this weighs the same as the torso-length version of the X-lite. Sold.
  • Obviously in 2020 I need a face mask. Early on when they were difficult to find, I emailed all my favorite backpacking gear makers and said “get on this!” HMG answered the call with the bask mask in America. Why do I love it? This is the only mask that doesn’t fog my glasses.
  • I started wearing one of those button down collared shirts with the fancy sleeves that roll up.

My 2020 Three Season Backpacking Gear List


three season backpacking gear list
HMG Windrider 3400


three season backpacking gear list
Tarptent Stratospire Li

Sleep System

Three Season backpacking gear list
Uberlite and XLite Sleeping Pads


Nalgene Bottles

Cooking/Eating/Food Storage

three season backpacking gear list
My Standarad Cookset + snow Peak French Press

Clothing – Carried

Outdoor Research Helium II

Clothing – Worn

three season backpacking gear list
Outdoor Research Solar Roller Hat – I’m pretty sure this is the men’s version.


three season backpacking gear list
Do your part and wear your masks!